Sunday, 21 November 2010

You'll be DEAD

Nanotechnology. An extremely awesome concept that every moment it’s more an tangible reality in our world. While you’re reading this, some groups of prominent scientists and labs are developing the technology that would made it possible; meaning an advanced control of materials, functions and applications fully integrated with the humans, the nature and the life. But you won’t be able to see exactly what nanotechnology can do to improve the world because you will be death. Yes, death. You won’t survive the actual crisis of the world. Is the climatic change is an natural cyclic process? Yep, that’s maybe right. But even if the climatic change doesn’t kill the life on earth fast enough, the lack of sustentability in the way we live our modern life with the expansionist model sure does. We just can’t afford to keep consuming resources at the pace we do; there’s not enough world to cover our commercial demands, our endless desire to have the next best thing in every single aspect of our dairy life. So the next time you hear these fancy technological wonders, won’t be so glad, because you’ll not be there to see it.

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