Sunday, 21 November 2010

Reason for Fashion

The deeper you get in the fashion industry, the more you notice how huge the passion is on it. It's so big that everyone involved is so focused in their creative objectives that they stop perceiving the world that happens outside them, and how people who doesn't share our fashion enthusiasm, reacts; maybe because it will be wasting time. But even the entire world lives on it, consciously or not, there are a lot of "fashion snobs" that complains, criticize and look wrong so hard this "frivolous" and "superficial" world than only encourages vanity, greed and the cult to the self. We have to recognize that there's indeed some of this, but, for those who live in the fashion industry with conviction and understanding (like me); fashion represents something really great. Greater than a name, a brand or a life. Speaking in the words of a legend, Coco said:

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."

And she was talking of really powerful ideas. Ideas that represent all the ideal potential of a human being, the necessity of constant innovation, the ability of changing our surroundings to pump on them some meaning and reasons to belong, the power of make things go further than just fulfill a function, but fulfill emotional needs so hard to explain like a closet with hundreds of shoes. I'm talking just of some of these ideas that comes to my mind at the moment, but key to stand my posture: (fashion) It's about evolution, survival, improvement. I'm talking of the future we are building like humanity.

There are, fortunately, scientists fighting for improve our technology, artists and philosophers fighting for feeding our souls and designers fighting for a better living. But, How fashion affects daily life?

I'm not gonna answer it with the obvious necessity of get dressed. I'll better point the keyword of the previous examples: Effort. It's what it's all about, the effort of breaking the common, the effort of maximum aesthetic functionality,the effort for perfect shapes, effort for the greatest meaning of quality and, above all, the effort of not being stuck in mediocrity and conformism of "Why to change, if it's ok like it is?". Will the world keep turning if everyone thinks like this? It's enough by saying that if you put to work these points to any field of work in life you will have in return the innovation, excellence and growth. I'm talking about personal growth, about knowing that always can be better and live for it, to ask for it. I'm talking about taking the responsibility that humans have with it's own existence; recognizing how special we are and the potential we have, exploiting it always, like paying for being so privileged, so unique in the universe. So take a few more minutes each morning to think about your qay to be the best you possible, and get dress according to it.

You'll be DEAD

Nanotechnology. An extremely awesome concept that every moment it’s more an tangible reality in our world. While you’re reading this, some groups of prominent scientists and labs are developing the technology that would made it possible; meaning an advanced control of materials, functions and applications fully integrated with the humans, the nature and the life. But you won’t be able to see exactly what nanotechnology can do to improve the world because you will be death. Yes, death. You won’t survive the actual crisis of the world. Is the climatic change is an natural cyclic process? Yep, that’s maybe right. But even if the climatic change doesn’t kill the life on earth fast enough, the lack of sustentability in the way we live our modern life with the expansionist model sure does. We just can’t afford to keep consuming resources at the pace we do; there’s not enough world to cover our commercial demands, our endless desire to have the next best thing in every single aspect of our dairy life. So the next time you hear these fancy technological wonders, won’t be so glad, because you’ll not be there to see it.